"Scientist" Dr.Natarajan Somasundaram

Founder - Nats Innovation Factory

NIF conducts holistic Research studies and Innovations considering relationship between Technology and Human society. All Research aspirants who are eager to contribute to the society from Research aspect are welcome.

The autonomy of the Researcher is most valued. So, you can consult any Research topics which you have an interest on.

NIF finds promising Technology ideas in their earliest stages, develops them into ground-breaking products and leads them to market. By rigorously assessing ideas and investment opportunity, and eliminating the hassles of start-up financing through dedicated venture capital partners, Nats Innovation Factory is revolutionizing the way medical technology is developed.

Innovative Projects I am interested in are as follows:

1.  Camera Driver for ARM7 Microcontrollers.

2.  Reconfigurable Antenna Design.

3.  Holographioc Display Design.

4.  Fault Tolerant Microprocessors.

5.  Bio-Inspired Fault Tolerant Reconfigurable Architectures.

6.  3-D Displays.

7.  Custom-made Solar Cells Design.

8.  Wireless Security Solutions.

9.  Image Compression for Storing Big Images.

10. Polarization and Proxying for Data Leak Prevention.

11. LED Matrix Display.
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